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Rita Morar
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Rita Morar


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As well as the founder and host of #MusicHeals, Rita Morar is a independent versatile Fusion Singer, Songwriter and Live Performer.  She has a  deep love of music with a unique sound that connects with others. A natural live performer who engages with her audience through her voice. Rita uses her voice to provide a fusion sound of singing in contemporary Hindi and  English.  Rita is also available for live performances and session recordings. Rita set up Music Heals in March 2020 and the series/movement keeps on growing!

From a young age, music has always been an important part of Rita’s life. Whether it be devotional singing, playing the harmonium, learning the piano or having a great interest in a fusion of music from Bollywood to EDM, Rita continues to strive for a greater understanding in music.


With an experience including over 1,000 live performances and reaching an audience of over 1 million, Rita keeps on excelling in her art. Rita has performed for the BBC Radio Live Tabla Soul Sessions to the Jazz Cafe, Glastonbury and the Alchemy Festival.

For any press or media enquiries, click here to contact Rita.

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